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Thrillist: The Best Diners in New Jersey

Diners are a staple of Jersey life and a nostalgic reminder of your past should you ever leave.
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Let the Beat Drop

Listen to Eat Better Food on NJ 101.5

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Bill of Fare: Americana Diner’s menu rises far above typical roadside Jersey fare

New Jersey loves its diners, with their huge menus serving homespun food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is usually casual and reliable and served in a comfortable setting. Read more

This is not your mother’s diner

The Americana Diner in East Windsor is not my mother’s diner. She loved to breakfast there after its glorious late 1980s renovation, but would be surprised (and I think pleased) to see its menu today. Read more

2014 Local Heroes

Don’t let Aishling Stevens’ slight figure and quiet demeanor fool you. Read more

Shelton from the Storm

Long out of the limelight, chef Craig Shelton marshalls his talent and intellect in a think tank focused on the precarious future of food. Read more

Breaking Bread at the Diner

Long ago I worked in the restaurant business. It’s really an experience I think everyone should have. Read more

Turning a Corner

We are proud, but the honor is yours. Thank you for support and encouragement as we steadily evolved our menus in a healthier, Read more

The Best Diners in New Jersey

You can’t escape diners in Jersey. They’re everywhere — major highways, country roads, big cities, small towns — about 600 diners in all. Read more