Turning a Corner


We are proud, but the honor is yours. Thank you for support and encouragement as we steadily evolved our menus in a healthier, higher-quality, seasonal direction; thank you for wanting this. Yet we know the project is never finished. Our menu is again turning a corner.  Now, we want to answer a long overlooked question: What is really on the plate? To write “beef”, “chicken” or “pork” without saying how those animals were raised and fed; to say “salad” without saying how and where those lettuces, fruits and vegetables were farmed, is to omit the essential part of the story. Answers to those questions have broad and deep implications for our own vitality, our children ’s quality of life and the health of the world around us. Our mission – and we are just scratching the surface – is to learn and to share the whole story with you.  Our goal is to avoid industrial food products in favor of foods that are healthier and can help restore our soil, water and air. However, procuring responsibly grown, fresh ingredients is only the first step. When in the right hands – those of Dan Cummings, our food hunter, and those of the culinary team led by Aishling Stevens, executive chef  — healthier foods are more delicious. We expect, too, that with efficiency techniques, we can maintain our menu prices even with these higher standards.  And a personal note: This year marks the 25th anniversary of my family’s involvement with Americana Diner. Looking back, I am filled with gratitude for being part of this community.  Through all these years, I cannot remember feeling more enthusiastic and honored by serving you and our community.


Constantine Katsifis – Owner